Tahoe has some amazing young athletes who are eager to follow their dreams of becoming professional snowboarders. We want to support the children who have a passion for action sports (snowboarding especially)  by sponsoring them along the way, which is why we created a team of  young shredders from our community! 

Nevaeh Verduzco


Nevaeh is 12 years old and has been snowboarding for 6 years. She competes in USASA competitions and local rail jams. She trains at Sierra At Tahoe and aspires to become a professional snowboarder. 

Lillia Verduzco


Lillia is 11 years old and has only been snowboarding for 3 years. Despite her short time in the sport she has progressed quickly. Lillian competed in the 2018 Nationals in Copper Colorado taking home the bronze metal in boarder cross. Her goal is to compete in the Olympics and win the gold!

Serina Verduzco


Serina is 9 years old and started her snowboarding career at the young age of 3! Since then she has made some amazing accomplishments including winning gold at the 2018 Nationals in Copper Colorado in both GS and Slopestyle events. She aspires to be a professional snowboarder.

Quest Stanford


Quest is 10 years old and started snowboarding when he was 2. He is on the Competition Team at Sierra at Tahoe and competes in USASA competitions. His favorite event is the Boarder cross where he has taken home Silver and Bronze. When Quest isn’t riding with his team, he is taking powder laps with his dad. Quest dreams of making it to the XGames and the Olympics someday.  

Veda Hallen


Veda is 14 years old. She started snowboarding when she was about 3 years old. She began riding freestyle at 6 years old and hasn't stopped since! She competes in Slopestyle, rail jam and halfpipe competitions. Veda is currently living at Windells Academy and training everyday to get to the next level of snowboarding. Her goal for this year is to get into the Revolution tour and the Burton US open for Slopestyle and halfpipe.